Why Mejja turned down deal with Diamond’s Wasafi Records

Genger rapper Mejja turned down a lucrative deal to work with Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records  (WCB) on a new song.

Speaking during an interview with The Kenyan Entrepreneur, Mejja revealed WCB approached him for a song but nevertheless turned down the deal.

The Genge rapper explained that the person who approached him for the deal made it sound like they were doing him a big favor.

Diamond Platnumz and manager Sallam SK Mendez
Wasafi CEO Diamond Platnumz (center) and his manager Sallam SK Mendez (right). Photo credit: Instagram/Wasafi

He opted out of the deal because he felt he was being downgraded. Mzazi Willy Tuva, who is close to Diamond, even called him to inquire about his decision to turn down the Wasafi deal.

“Mimi manze nilipigiwa simu na Willy Tuva kwasababu nilikataa kufanya ngoma na Wasafi. Ako like “Eh naskia joh Wasafi walikupigia simu ukakataa kufanya ngoma nao,””  said Mejja.

Adding that;

“Nataka kuonyesha huyo msee ako na talent mahali, na-respect sana Wasafi na hustle yao. Lakini nilifeel tu like whoever alini-approach kwa Instagram, alikuja na aspect ni kama ananifanyia favor. Na saa hizo ni text sa naimagine huyu msee angeongea live, ningempiga ngumi.”

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