Alikiba and Nandy set tongues wagging as they drop arguably the raunchiest music video of 2020

Alikiba and Nandy dropped a steamy music video dubbed ‘Nibakishie’ which made celebrities like Wema Sepetu comment on their ‘chemistry’.

The raunchy love song was released on Monday, November 16th, and is currently trending on position five on YouTube.

The music video has sexually explicit scenes like one scene where Alikiba and Nandy cuddle and caress each other amorously in a bathtub.

The music video comes barely two weeks after Alikiba revealed that his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef is always concerned about how he touches and caresses women erotically in his music videos.

How Alikiba’s wife deals with many women in his life

‘Nibakishie’ has attracted a flurry of comments even from Alikiba’s ex-girlfriends Wema Sepetu and Diva the Bawse.

Diva the Bause said she would have caused trouble if she was Alikiba’s wife, while Sepetu insinuated Nandy and Kiba would make a perfect couple.

“Hizi videos hizi ningekuwa mi ni Amina mwenyewe ninge mind ….. Ila kuolewa na wasanii aisee maumivu sana … Ila wamependezana kwa video lol. Ila Alikiba ka faidi katika hio sehemu ya kuoga. Ila vumilia tu wife wa dunia kaz ndio ilivyo hizi….” Diva the Bause wrote on Instagram

“If you were a couple🤔😉🤔 just saying,” wrote Wema Sepetu.

Watch the song in below, feel free to stream the same underneath:

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