TPF Star’s Will Reveals Deep Rooted Family Troubles

  • Former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) star David Ogola, popularly known as David Major, has had a long battle against seizures and depression as revealed in a post on his Facebook account in 2018.

    In what he described as his will at the time, Ogola gave a detailed account of how his family had been affected by his father’s actions compounded by the death of his mother, Dr Margaret Ogola, an award-winning author, medical doctor, and human rights advocate famous for authoring the book The River and The Source

    David claimed that his father tore their family apart by mistreating their mother and even denied the singer money to seek treatment for his seizures.

    Former TPF contestant David Major (second left) holds his sister's hand after they were reunited after 5 years

    Former TPF contestant David Major (second left) holds his sister’s hand after they were reunited after 5 years


    “I was sitting there, not getting treated because the doctor wasn’t getting paid as you guys bickered over nonsense,” he recalled adding that his seizures would cause him to bite his tongue involuntarily and bleed profusely. 

    “Never forget the time you collapsed at work and Paul and I dropped everything and hopped on to the next flight, not bus, when we got the call, and footed a hospital bill of just over Ksh 100,000,” he reminded his father in the will.  

    He stated that the trauma suffered in the toxic environment in the family pushed some of his siblings to drug abuse. 

    The singer expressed regret that his mother died before his family could reconcile having sacrificed a lot for them. 

    “I am pretty much nothing without my mother. I owe everything to you, my very existence as a matter of fact. Couldn’t be more sorry for the times I let you down, more than anything for not living up to my potential after everything you sacrificed,” David posted. 

    He also apologised to his sister and brother whom he stated bore the brunt of their father’s violence and negligence. The musician named his sister as the executor of his last wishes upon his death

    Ogola recalled that some school nights he would be locked up in the vehicle while his father drank the night away. 

    “To my friends, I couldn’t have asked for better ones. Thanks for knowing when to ride or die and for letting me stand on my own two, even when I was emotionally blackmailing you because you knew it was exactly what I needed. You guys are the family I got to choose. Thank you for choosing me too. You know who you are,” he addressed to his friends. 

    After the singer was discovered homeless in Nairobi’s Roysambu area on November 17, he was taken to Nairobi West Hospital where he is recuperating. Kenyans have raised Ksh 137,000 so far on Mchanga to gift him after recovering.  

    Former Tusker Project Fame star David Major

    Former Tusker Project Fame star David Major


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