Sabina Chege’s Donation to Children Causes Uproar

  • Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has confronted critics who accused her of publicity stunts and parading students after donating inner garments. 

    The students were given a dignity park which included the undergarments and sanitary pads on Tuesday, December 8. 

    Speaking to, Chege said that the project was key in empowering Murang’a County teenagers and was part of a campaign to counter teenage pregnancies and drug abuse

    “Why are they fighting a mentorship program. No one was paraded. They are just haters. We did not even show any innerwear that was donated. They are just idlers who have nothing to do,” Chege stated. 


    Students pose for a photo with donated dignity packs from Murang’a County Woman Representative Sabina Chege and other donors.


    According to the lawmaker, 250 boys and girls were mentored through Chege’s program that partnered with private sponsors and donors. She added that 15,000 more youth will be given an opportunity to be part of the program.

    Other photos that were shared across social media indicated students opening the packages to showcase the items. 

    The photos split opinion with some arguing that the photos were misinterpreted while others alleged that the students’ privacy was infringed and parents never consented to the idea.  

    “Donations are given while wrapped. We no longer recognize our morals. Why humiliate those innocent souls on social media?” Kui wa Mina lamented. 

    “How do you display innerwear just because you are donating. This education should be conducted by women indoors,” Rose Anthony added. 

    Athans Mutisya, however, argued that there was nothing wrong with a donation especially of essential items like menstrual hygiene. He, nonetheless, called for donations to be done without the glaring eye of the media. 

    “Chege is selfless and an exemplary role in women in leadership. The donation will aid the community,” one social media user commented.  

    On Tuesday, June 30, Chege, who also chairs the National Assembly Health Committee, formed a County Security Multi-Agency Team Against Teenage Pregnancies.

    The team was tasked with curbing teenage pregnancies in her county.


    Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege at a donation drive in her county on Tuesday, December 8, 2020


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