Twitter Killer: Japanese man sentenced to death for slaughtering 9 people

A Japanese man named Takahiro Shiraishi alias “Twitter killer” was sentenced to death by a Tokyo court on Tuesday Dec 15 for murdering and dismembering nine people he met online.

The 30- year-old man admitted killing and butchering his young victims all but one of whom were women who he met on the social media platform.

His lawyers had argued he should receive a prison sentence because his victims, aged between 15 and 26, expressed suicidal thoughts on social media and so had consented to death.

But on Tuesday “the death sentence was handed down” to Shiraishi

“None of the nine victims consented to be killed, including silent consent,” the judge said.

“It is extremely grave that the lives of nine young people were taken away. The dignity of the victims was trampled upon,” the judge added.

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