NTSA on the Spot Over Increased Fatal Accidents

  • The Road Safety Association of Kenya on Wednesday December 16, held demonstrations outside the offices of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in Upper Hill, Nairobi County.

    They faulted the Authority over the increased road carnages in the country.

    The members of the association camped outside the offices armed with signs and placards noting “Must people die for NTSA to act??”

    Road Safety Association of Kenya demonstrating outside NTSA offices on Wednesday, December 14, 2020.

    Road Safety Association of Kenya demonstrating outside NTSA offices on Wednesday, December 14, 2020.


     The Association’s chair David Kiarie called on various state agencies to carry out an audit on the Authority.

    He cited that NTSA had shifted its policy-making role into an enterprise where only a section of individuals benefited.

    The Association decried that implementation and enforcement of traffic rules ought to be reverted to the police as well as inspection officers.

    According to Kiarie, increased road carnage has led to over 5,000 fatalities recorded within the year, while 10,000 victims are either in hospitals or recuperating at home.

    Recently, NTSA had raised an alarm over a report which had indicated that road accidents had claimed 155 lives during the period of December 3 to December 13.

    This translated to a daily death toll of about 15 people. 

    These statistics also noted a spike as compared to the same period in 2019 which recorded 107 fatalities.

    Furthermore, the death toll stood at 3,663 between January and December 13, 2020, as compared to 3,348 which was recorded in 2019.

    The cause for concern arose from the fact that the country recorded a spike in fatalities despite the reduced travel and partial lockdown measures taken by the government.

    The authority in past statements has urged road users to be extra vigilant especially during the festive season. 

    They emphasized that all members of the public should adhere to the set traffic rules as a measurement to curb the rising cases of accidents.


    File image of NTSA traffic police inspecting a PSV matatu


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