Hate the New Instagram Layout? Then Get This App Instead


Instagram has been cluttering its main app with a ton of features – most of them unnecessary.

These include IGTV, Reels, Shopping, Double Row of Stories, Time listings on Stories, Suggested Posts and more.

They even updated the app with a new layout that gives Reels and Shopping centre stage on the home page while placing the notification and create button all the way up on the top right of the app, where the IGTV icon used to be.

All these new features make the layout appear too busy.

But you’re in luck.

Instagram has relaunched its Lite app after quietly killing it earlier this year. The Facebook-owned giant photo and video sharing platform has brought back to life, its barebones Lite app.

The app is already on the Google Play Store with 5 million downloads and first got announced in India at a “Facebook Fuel For India” event.

The Lite app doesn’t have Reels – that TikTok clone feature on the home tab and in the Explore tab, no Shopping tab and IGTV tab either.

There’s no Suggested Posts and that’s just sad since it’s my favorite feature.

These features are missing since the app is meant for consumers with limited internet connectivity.

Instagram Lite is also a measly 2MB and Instagram says that the app delivers a fast, reliable and responsive experience.

So if you don’t like the cluttered layout on the updated Instagram app, then try out its Lite version.

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