Safaricom Quietly Stops Home Fibre Double Speeds

Home Fibre

Back in April 2020, things were heating up about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses were forced to close, while others saw them send workers home to work from there.

Over that period to now, nothing has really changed, and financial constraints continue to hit hard.

The Kenya government has since initiated several initiatives to cushion the citizenry from the economic effects of the pandemic, all under the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus program.

Another notable program saw the Centra Bank of Kenya eliminate transaction fees for mobile money transfers under KES 1000. The measure has however been lifted, and as of Jan 2021, users will be asked to furnish the transaction with revised fees that are yet to be communicated.

At the start of the pandemic, a lot of people took their work home. Some employees rely on internet connections to finish their tasks, and to make the experience good for them, telco Safaricom and its Home Fibre product saw it fit to double speeds for their customers.

The move has been around over an extended period, but according to the operator, speeds have been restored.

We are not sure when it happened, but our guess is that the restoration started some time this week.

Safaricom, on its end, has not had a very great year following diminishing revenues on its primary money maker, M-PESA.

Data has also been part of the company’s top earners, and has since been complemented by Home Fibre that is close to ousting Zuku from the top spot.

Seeing the operator restore some of its products to pre-COVID-19 operational model is a strategic move that will perhaps see the corporation realize some of the lost revenues over the course of 2020. It has also been argued that these changes, especially about the free under KES 1000 transfers are being enforced prematurely. That could be the case, but the majority of these decisions are explored from a business side of things, hence may not necessarily favour the base customer.

It should also be noted that the amended Finance Bill saw Safaricom revise the cost of Home Fibre upwards. The product is one of the costliest around, and we have bemoaned its implementation and occasional instability for a long time.

The complaints we publish here are akin to flogging a dead horse, but we really wish Home Fibre prices could be reduced to match the economic constraints some of its users might be going through, bearing in mind that the doubled speeds are now gone.

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