Tana-River : Bride’s father surprises In-laws after asking for KSh 7 as dowry

An Old man identified as Hussein Maro from Tana River County surprised his in-laws after rejecting millions of cash for bride price and demanded Ksh 7 only.

After receiving his Ksh 7 bride price, the 63-year-old father blessed his daughter and the groom to go ahead with their wedding.

Maro stunned the family by requesting the two families to have a brief event and focus on negotiating for dowry.

“My fellow elders. I am so excited to have my daughter get married into a good family.

“Therefore, as my daughter and I agreed. we shall take seven shillings only,” he politely told them.

Shocked by his demand, the groom’s family asked the elders to call him on the side for a private since they wondered whether he meant Ksh 70, 000 or Ksh 700, 000 or he had intentions of canceling the dowry negotiations.

However, the groom agreed to his proposal and when all was set and done they proceeded to the wedding.

The family searched among themselves and raised Ksh 6 only, forcing the ceremony to be delayed as they sought the remaining Ksh 1.

The groom’s brother was sent to the shops to get the remaining coin, which he found and brought later on.

It is reported that the bride had asked her partner and the family to prepare some extravagant for her father only for him to ask for an unexpected amount.

“You know we are used to a tradition where in-laws demand a lot of money especially because they have invested in their children.

“However, this was totally different and makes one to question whether it is witchcraft,” Joseph Jarha, the uncle of the groom said.

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