Fans hilariously react after Carol BandBeca wins ‘Wife Material’

Social media users have shared their thoughts after the winner of Eric Omondi’s wife Material show was announced.

The competition which premiered on YouTube was between 9 beautiful women from different Kenyan counties.

After a few weeks of competing, Carol amassed most of the votes. Voting closed on Tuesday,December 23

As announced by the self proclaimed President of Comedy, Carol will then get married to Omondi in a luxurious wedding as assured.

Eric declared Carol as the winner as he congratulated and praised her.

He appreciated all other ladies who took part in the contest and assured them that their memories will continue.

Eric Omondi, welcomed all the “#wife material” contestants to the wedding which the date is yet to be announced.

He gave gratitude to all Kenyan citizens who helped him get a companion.

Kenyans got an impression that Carol was not worthy the winning and specified who was worth the winning.

Below are funny and hillarious comments from Netizens.

Jalang’o: Huyu vile ulimumunya nilijua tu….semeji welcome home! Ill be the Mc at your wedding

Shilah: Tumeibiwa😂😂😂woiiiiii niko na tea iteni edga obare😂😂😂

Ruth Sullo:Wooi shakilla back to the streets😭

Mulamwah: Stima imepotea ikarudi kama kimeibiwooooo 😖😖😖 wapi baby shac our faforite 🥺🥺

Nashygamel: Nilidhani watashinda wakiwa wawili😂

Freddaktari: Since that kiss day, I knew you had already made your choice.

Seshy: Carol ndo ameshindaa heeeh….wapi shakilaaa.

Essy: 😂😂😂😂aki mtu ashike shakila😂😂asijinyonge

Ms Wambua: Kerubo ameibiwaa🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Nasike: Portal ifunguliwe😂

Mwalimu Rachel: Heh! Here to see if any of my cookers made it. Back to the kitchen it seems! 😂😆😆

Nebulazz: JABER PUOTHE TIN” 😋😋😋😋🔥🔥🔥 bro Uko na Taste Poa… Hii Mali Uweza walahi…… Semeji karibu dala ….. Next please tafutatia @fredomondi_ pia Bibi..

Mercie Johns: Wale wa shakilla tukae wapi😭😭

Mary Maya: Aiiiii imeibwooooo 😆

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