Form 3 Student With 3-Month Baby Spends Night in Bus Park

  • A Form 3 student at Sirigoi Secondary school was stranded with her three-month-old baby at a bus park in Kakamega County.

    She noted that she had nowhere to turn to after buses hiked fare. This prompted her to spend the night at the bus park.

    “I arrived here on Sunday evening with ksh 700 yet the buses are demanding ksh 2,000 to Naivasha. I turned my luggage and spent the night in the cold,” she spoke to The Standard.

    Buses parked at a stage in Nairobi

    Buses parked at a stage in Nairobi.

    Daily Nation

    The 17-year-old girl was reportedly kicked out of the house by her grandmother who told her to go look for her father in Naivasha. 

    The grandmother claimed that she could not cater for her and the baby as well as provide for the girl’s school fees.

    The student, who had never been to Naivasha before, noted that she wanted to beg her absentee father to pay her school fees.

    “My mother died in 2008 leaving me under the care of my grandmother. My father lives in Naivasha but rarely comes home,” she noted.

    She also entailed that her aunt stopped paying her school fees when she got pregnant.

    Furthermore, the father of her child allegedly disowned her after she informed his parents that she was carrying his child.

    The girl’s plight came 24 hours after all learners reported back to school across the country.

    In order to adhere to the Ministry of Health Covid-19 regulations, many schools had to resort to unusual tactics in order to ensure learning activities flowed smoothly.

    Learning under trees, employing the use of tents were among the strategies used. In other situations, students had to share classrooms due to lack of adequate classes.

    However, not all students were lucky enough to report to school after the break. This is after certain schools in Baringo and West Pokot County were swept away by floods and landslides.

    Students pictured during a lesson.

    Students pictured during a lesson.


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