Jubilee Party Explains Controversial Letter to Isaac Mwaura

  • Jubilee Party on Tuesday, January 5, issued a statement after a letter circulated widely claiming that Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura had been summoned by the disciplinary committee.

    In a statement on Twitter, the Jubilee Party revealed that the letter was fake, and that the senator had not been ordered to appear before any committee.

    “The two documents purporting to convey communication from the Jubilee Party National Disciplinary Committee are fake,” read the statement in part.

    The letters claimed that the senator had been asked to appear before the committee on January 18.


    DP William Ruto welcomes Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura to his camp in January 2021.


    The letter appeared to indicate that Mwaura’s case would be heard at the Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani after being accused of disloyalty to the party.

    In the controversial letter, Mwaura is further accused of taking positions that are contrary to that of Jubilee Party as well as failing to comply with the code of conduct in the party.

    Speaking to, Mwaura noted that he had not formally received the letter, and cast doubt on its authenticity even before the party disowned it.

    He also noted that the stamp on the letter lacked a name and lacked details of the complainant.

    “Kenyans are asking me about this letter from Jubilee Party. I haven’t received it in person.

    “You can’t accuse Senator Kang’ata of leaking a letter to the media, then you also do the same. Who is the complainant?” He questioned.

    Mwaura has lately attracted media attention after he publicly supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s agenda.

    He explained that he had switched camps after listening to the grievances of the people at the grassroots.

    “By the end of the day these things you do not do them because of anybody, you do them because of your own personal survival.

    “My ears are on the ground and the ground is supporting Ruto,” stated Mwaura.

    Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura. He explained that the procedure for removing a nominated senator was easy.

    Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura. He explained that the procedure for removing a nominated senator was easy.

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