Shared Lollipops and Lost Masks – Parents Concerned After Schools Open

  • Following the reopening of schools on Monday, January 4, parents of pre-primary students questioned the viability of enforcing Covid-19 measures especially for children in kindergarten.  

    The students, who have been on break for nine months, have to grapple with the new normal; wearing masks, regularly washing hands and practicing social distance.

    While some were able to adapt to the new situation, others especially those below 5 years of age, found it hard to cope.

    “First day of school and my niece came back home with a different mask. She told her mum she didn’t like hers and she swapped with Angela! With a straight face,” Mohamed Wehliye stated.


    CS Education George Magoha assesses supply of desks for schools at Malava Primary school in Kakamega North on Monday, November 2, 2020


    “My baby brother in kindergarten (PP2) resumed school today for the first time post-COVID and all they did today was learn the COVID-19 precautionary measures. I just went to pick him from school and found him sharing a lollipop with his friend,” Robi Bobi wrote on Twitter.

    Other parents said that their children had gone back home without their masks.

    “I went to pick my daughter from school and found her without her mask. I asked her why she wasn’t wearing it she told me she was tired of wearing it. Another parent listening to our conversation couldn’t hold his laughter,” another stated.

    Some of the kindergarten teachers also stated that they had to keep reminding the children that they needed to have their masks on all the time.

    “The children mostly complained that they were not breathing well under their masks,” a teacher told

    A class six student, on Monday, expressed disappointment with Education CS George Magoha.  

    “I expected more desks and knew that we would sit one student per desk. I hoped that we would also maintain social distance. When the government asked us to go back to school, I was shocked and excited at the same time. 

    “I am comfortable wearing a mask but the classes are congested and they are too hot inside. Teachers instruct us not to remove our masks and we only take them off to breathe a little,” she said.


    Education CS George Magoha addresses the media in October 2020


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