Thieves Attempt to Break into DCI Offices

  • Police officers are in search of gangsters who tried to break into the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Magunga Township.

    The suspects are said to have attempted to break the door but were stopped in their tracks when they noticed that a police officer had seen them.

    Other offices that the suspects were targeting included Magunga Youth Empowerment Centre, Magunga Health Centre and shops in the area.

    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.

    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.


    Security officers in the area lamented that there had been an increase of break-in cases especially in government institutions and private businesses.

    “We are getting crucial leads that will enable us apprehend the suspects soon,” Suba Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Maina stated.

    The thieves would be considered daring bearing in mind that the investigative body is mandated to collect and provide criminal intelligence, undertake investigations on serious crimes and detect and and prevent crimes.

    If a person is found guilty of robbery, he or she is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years.

    The incident came just days after three women in Kianyaga, Kirinyaga county were caught on camera stealing goods from a local supermarket.

    In CCTV cameras, the women were seen concealing stolen goods in their long flowing skirts within seconds of taking them off the shelves.

    Area residents were gutted by their actions saying that the women were lazy and only wanted to cash in on other people’s hard work.

    “Stolen property do not help, I’d advocate for people to do manual jobs like farming or cleaning clothes for people at a price. Just stop stealing,” one of the residents advised.

    Items on display at a supermarket.

    Items on display at a supermarket.


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