Mother Loses Baby in Salon

  • A woman lost her two-week-old baby boy in a salon, on Wednesday, January 6, under mysterious circumstances.

    Benta Akinyi claimed she lost the baby to a woman she met at St. Lawrence Hospital sometime in December 2020.

    The distraught mother claimed she delivered the baby at the hospital late last month, which is where she met the suspect who was allegedly nursing a patient.

    An image of Benta Akinyi

    Benta Akinyi speaking to the media on Wednesday 6 January 2020.


    She claims the woman had asked for her phone number so she could contact her just to find out the progress of newborn after they struck a friendship.

    “She called me and asked if I was headed to the clinic, and requested me to visit her as she had a present for me. I heeded her request just to see what she had bought for me.

    “She asked me to wait for this other woman, but I declined because I had an appointment at the salon, and she agreed to accompany me there,” she explained.

    The woman who had been in contact with Akinyi for days is said to have offered to babysit the infant as the mother was having her hair done at a salon in Rodi area, Homa Bay County.

    Akinyi claimed the woman asked to sit outside with the baby as the smoke coming from the blow drier could affect the baby and that’s when she disappeared.

    Upon finishing her salon appointment, the woman was nowhere to be seen, prompting a frantic search for the suspect.

    Akinyi’s husband, Owala, reported the matter to the police, with Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) also assisting in the investigations. 

    “My wife called me yesterday with news that our baby had been stolen by another woman. I rushed to the salon and later reported the matter to the police station.

    “I was instructed to report the matter to DCI officers in Homa Bay, who accompanied me to Rodi where they commenced investigations,” he explained.

    The family is now appealing to the public to help them trace the baby or report any leads that would help in the arrest of the suspect.

    An image of Owala

    Benta Akinyi’s husband, Owala speaking to the media on Wednesday 6 January 2020.


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