Ksh3 Million Fees: Kenyatta Family School That Has Caused Uproar

  • Peponi School made headlines for the better part of Thursday, January 15, when a post went viral on social media by the Presidential Delivery Delivery (PDU) on the institution’s Covid-19 preparedness in light of the mass reopening.

    The exercise rubbed Kenyans the wrong way with many noting that other public schools around the country were forced to have classes under trees in a call to social distance the students.

    The private institution is listed as one of the most expensive schools in Kenya.

    A classroom in Peponi School

    A classroom in Peponi School



    It is located along the Thika Superhighway at the Kenyatta family-owned Gicheha farm in Ruiru which has now rebranded to Northlands City. 

    A parent opting to take their child to Peponi School will be set back Ksh 3.3 Million annually for a full border at Ksh1.1 million per term. 

    Weekly boarders pay Ksh1.05 Million per term and Ksh 731,510 for day scholars, according to a 2019 fee structure on the school’s official website.

    A signage for Peponi School

    A signage for Peponi School


    “The School shall charge fees as per the fee structure issued at the beginning of every year and/or at the

    date of the first admission.

    “The School shall increase the fees annually and notices duly issued to the parents,” the school notes.

    The School requires the fees to be paid on or before the first day of each term. Fees not paid within

    14 days of that, will incur an automatic 3% per month cumulative surcharge.

    “The School reserves the right to return a pupil home should the fees not be paid by the 14th day,” parents are advised.

    Established in 1989, the school offers extra-curricular activities where it employs a few external teachers to promote karate, taekwondo, trampolining, chess, and even pottery. 

    An archery class

    An archery class


    The main school facilities are utilised for activities such as swimming and tennis with the music department boasting of a world-class orchestra.

    The headmaster Mark Durston has overall responsibility for all members of the school community.

    He is seconded by Joseph Njuguna who oversees pastoral care within the School, with particular regard to boarding, leading the housemasters and housemistresses, monitoring pupils’ behavior and maintaining the day-to-day procedures. President Uhuru’s elder sister, Kristina Pratt, chairs the board of directors. 

    The school has notable alumni including Uhuru Kenyatta’s youngest son, Muhoho Kenyatta and Ambassador Yvonne Khamati. 

    Peponi School headmaster Mark Durston

    Peponi School headmaster Mark Durston (left)


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