Midnight Burial Proceeds in Nakuru Despite Curfew

  • A family in Njoro, Nakuru County buried their kin past midnight on Friday, January 15, causing a stir in the estate. 

    The residents of Mathangauta village rushed out at 1:30 am to witness the 51-year-old man being laid to rest. 

    His relatives disclosed that the deceased requested to be interred within 24 hours after his death and before dawn.

    He passed away on Thursday morning, January 14, while under treatment at Kerugoya Hospital in Kirinyaga County. 

    A casket being lowered into the ground

    A casket being lowered into the ground


    The deceased’s uncle added that the late had even issued guidelines on where and how he should be buried.

    Witnesses claimed that the family was stopped at a roadblock at 12 am while transporting the body to the graveyard.

    However, they were allowed to progress as they reportedly had relevant documents. 

    Some neighbours said they were shocked with how the event unfolded as most of them last saw the 51-year-old when he was still young. 

    They alleged that he had joined an illegal sect that was terrorising Mt Kenya residents. 

    “I can’t remember him well. He left here as a young man and I am shocked why they want to bury him like this. I had to see it myself,” a resident told the Standard.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the nationwide curfew, which starts at 10 pm to 4 am, to March 12, 2021. 

    An empty hearse outside a funeral home in Nyeri where a body reportedly went missing.

    An empty hearse outside a funeral home.


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