Rift Valley Elders Call for Ruto’s Impeachment

  • Deputy President William Ruto has fallen out of favour with a section of elders from Rift Valley who have called for his impeachment. 

    Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, January 19, in Molo, Nakuru County the elders stated that DP Ruto was undermining his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

    “If the president and Members of Parliament want to preserve peace and unity in the country, they should remove the deputy president. 

    “One person can spoil the whole country. We insist that if the DP is a threat to peace and unity, they should impeach him so that he conducts his business outside the government,” the elders’ spokesperson stated. 

    Elders from Molo, Nakuru county speaking to journalists on January 19, 2021

    Elders from Molo, Nakuru county speaking to journalists on January 19, 2021


    He accused Ruto of being an impediment to the delivery of government projects, cautioning that disunity could lead to very dire consequences. 

    During President Kenyatta’s interview with vernacular radio stations on Monday, January 18, the president stated that the hustler vs dynasty narrative was causing divisions in the country. 

    “If their logic is to say that because my father was the president, and I am the president today, then we are called dynasties, then is it right to say that if your father was a doctor, and you are a doctor, then you have no right to take care of patients?” Uhuru wondered. 

    The head of state added that he would not be distracted by allies of the DP whom he accused of prioritising politics over development.

    “They insult me from the roof of their cars, and at the same time praise projects which have been done by my own government,” President Kenyatta stated. 

    The narrative was first propagated by DP Ruto in 2020 who stated that the 2022 General Election would be about hustlers vs dynasties.

    “The Kenyatta and Odinga families have been in power in the past and it is now time for a hustler like me to lead this country,” the deputy president told a group of Taita Taveta.

    “I have been fought left and right but this will not distract me from seeking the presidency,” he added. 

    Deputy President William Ruto during a past rally

    Deputy President William Ruto during a past rally


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