Robber Breaks Leg in Nairobi CBD Escape [VIDEO]

  • It was a mix of instant karma and poetic justice for an unidentified robber who attempted to execute a daring escape in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD). 

    The thief had snatched a phone inside a building along Luthuli Avenue and decided to escape by jumping two floors down.

    According to a video obtained by the petty thief was seen going over the railing as those aware of the incident tried to grab him. 

    Unfortunately, he fell with a thud and the impact of the fall badly broke his leg. 

    A photo of Nairobi's city centre

    A photo of Nairobi’s city centre


    Another video of the aftermath showed the robber trying to get up in pain, with his broken left foot dangling from his ankle. 

    Due to the graphic nature of the video could not publish the clip showing the extent of the injury. 

    Nairobians have witnessed a rise in crime with multiple robberies being reported in the month of January, many of which have been caught on camera. 

    On Monday, January 18, four robbers made away with nearly Ksh4 million in a daring ambush in broad daylight.

    The 4-minute robbery was captured in an amateur video that also showed the robbers walking away with the money stashed in bags. 

    Two days later a man was robbed of Ksh 320,000 minutes after withdrawing money from a bank in the CBD. 

    “What we are witnessing in Nairobi now are material theft and not violent crimes, material theft is mainly associated with poverty, these people are usually just trying to put food on the table,” Ducan Akello, a Nairobi resident opined.

    A week before, CCTV footage caught a motorbike rider dropping two men at the undisclosed estate in the city only for the duo to pull out guns and proceed to rob a group of men who were nearby. 

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