Details of NMS Boss Badi’s Mombasa Retreat

  • Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General Mohamed Badi has scheduled a retreat with the Nairobi County Executive Committee in Mombasa on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

    Health CEC Hitan Majevdia told that the county cabinet was in a meeting ahead of the strategy meeting with General Badi on Wednesday. 

    The Cabinet meeting was convened by Deputy Governor Ann Kananu and will become the first one in almost a year since the executive committee last met. 

    Nairobi Deputy Governor Nominee Anne Mwenda

    Nairobi Deputy Governor Nominee Anne Mwenda

    Daily Nation

    One of the key agendas at the meeting will be the collaboration between the County Executive Committee and NMS. 

    “After our Cabinet meeting we will be travelling to Mombasa to meet the NMS guys. The meeting will revolve around how best we can collaborate in service delivery in the city, issues around the transferred functions and other teething problems currently facing the county,” Majevdia stated.

    The NMS boss had also met members of Nairobi County Assembly the previous week. 

    Since Badi took over several functions previously held by former Governor Mike Sonko, the county ministers were pushed to the periphery, struggling to find a footing.

    While some junior level workers were transferred from the county government to NMS, a large portion of senior officers were seconded from the national government. 

    The agency hired directors to take over functions previously held by the county Cabinet.

    Another of the CECs confided that since his functions were transferred to the NMS, he was left performing general administrative duties. 

    “There is nothing,” he responded to a query about what projects he has been supervising, adding that he has only been enjoying personal relationships with some of the staff he used to deal with because NMS had taken over their professional needs. 

    After signing away the key functions, the county government was left to oversee minor roles such as agriculture, animal welfare and licensing of dogs, pre-primary education and coordination of the participation of communities in governance. 

    A file image of city hall

    A file image of city hall


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