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Premium tears: Netizens confess sacrifices they made for love but still got ditched

Most people are willing to go to extreme lengths and do all sorts of crazy and outrageous things all in the name of love.

Whether it is moving to a foreign country just to be with them, leaving a prime job or using their life savings to support the dreams of their significant other.

But what happens when all the sacrifices made amount to nothing, especially when the person whom you have sacrificed for still goes ahead and terminates the relationship?

This interesting and touchy conversation was started by a netizen in a closed Facebook group who asked fellow netizens the one thing they did for their lovers only to be ditched later.

“Ni nini ushawahi sacrifice kwa life, in the name of love na bado uliachwa? Asked one online user.

City men and women immediately responded with their own experiences. Here are samples:

“V8 ,” said one online user.

“Hii kitu nikikumbuka me Hulia, Back in 2009 I declined an opportunity to travel to the US na huyo Mkamba bado tuliachana tu Saaii nasukuma wheelbarrow hapa Kamukunji,” wrote another online user.

“Kuaacha job nikaolewe tuliachana before anioe,” stated one online user.

“Kulala nyumba inanuka kondoo wacha tu,” commented one online user.

“Nilipiga dem juu nilimpata kwa bedroom ya uyo ngombe nilimtandika hadi nikamuuma matiti  aki jane im so sorry I was young and stupid… lakini bado it ended in tears. That was so stupid of me,” said another online user.

“I waited for some gal to finish high school as she said I waited for 3yrs but after she finished she hooked up with my new light skin jirani, till this day I dislike light-skinned niggas,” said another online user.

“Kuku, Haki nilichinja hiyo kuku yangu ‘nanjala’ Ile siku mrembo alinitembelea.. Tuliwachana 3 months later.. 4 years down the line nikikumbuka kuku wangu nanjala nalia tu,” said one online user.

“Staying without sex for 4yrs in the name of being honest and faithful never again nkt!” remarked one online user.

“Chest pains  I made an effort to lose weight so that i can please him ndio ata tukitembea nisikae kama sugar mummy. I started taking slimming pills na kufanya zoezi nikakonda vizuri imagine one year later he found a chubby luo lady full of assets akaniambia hawezi endelea ku-date dame hana nyama mpaka watu wanadhani nakalia spinal cord ati anaogopa nikishika mimba na hii ukonde yangu nitakaa cobra imemeza watermelon I learnt it the hard way I’m not doing anything for anyone anymore,” said one online user.

“Kusapot dem mwenye alikua na ball isio yangu mpaka akajifungua.saa hii namuonea viusasa!” said another online user.

“I use to send him money aki process barua za kuenda majuu… With alot of promises alifika uko akanishow nijipange hataki kuniaribia time,” wrote one online user.

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