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In an interview with Mambo Mseto, Mejja revealed the reason why he doesn’t want to be in another relationship after his baby mama Khadija left him, “I have not been okay since they left, I got used to the kids’ noise. I see things in the house that reminds me of them I just take it one day at a time.  Right now, I don’t want to be in any relationship I am not okay.”

Mejja also addressed Kid Kora’s accusation that they duped him, “I was so surprised, it got me off guard. I don’t want to respond to him because he is a type of person who will want us to go back and forth. All I can say it is bitterness. Between me and him God knows the truth.

Before corona, he was the first person to launch his YouTube account two years ago, The Kansol was to break up that time. I don’t want to speak a lot because I respect his mum, she welcomed me and I don’t want to among the people talking bad. I wish him the best.”

He says his hit single Siskii was inspired by his story, “It happened to me, you know those relationships that have violence are so addictive. The forbidden fruit is always sweet, everyman has passed through that. When you are given advice you see it but you go back doing the same thing.”

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