Youth Make a Killing After Kenya Railways Demolishes 3,000 Businesses

  • A section of youth from Kitale are smiling all the way to the bank after they made a killing following Kenya Railways Corporation’s demolitions of over 3,000 businesses.

    KRC demolished the businesses on January 30, 2021, paving way for the youth, estimated to be over 100, to make a respectable daily income scouting for metals at the site.

    In a video first shared by Citizen TV on Monday, March 15, the youth are seen ramaging through the rubble in search of the priced metals which they sell for an income.

    Armed with hammers and metal cutters, the youth break down the bigger pieces of the rubble to sell the priced metals, an exercise they engaged in for over a month.

    Resident comb through rubble after Kenya Railways Demolished businesses

    Resident comb through rubble after Kenya Railways Demolished businesses.


    One of the youth narrated that he made as much as Ksh1,900 every day in the trade as compared to Ksh500 he used to earn at a construction site.

    In a month, each youth stands a chance to make as much as Ksh 60,000 untaxed income.

    “Before the demolitions, I worked at a construction site but I used to earn very little but here, with my hard work, I have achieved a lot,” stated one of the beneficiary.

    Some of the youth separated valuable pebbles and large stones which they would sell to various contractors for recycling.

    The demolitions, which kicked off on January 29 in Kitale, were carried out in a period of three days after the traders were issued with a notice to vacate the land.

    The demolitions were instituted in a move to reclaim its land from businesses it claimed had encroached the parcel.

    One of the victims, however, decried the demolition noting that she did not have anywhere else to go as were thousands of other victims.

    Construction on the railway line is expected to kick off in two weeks time.

    Below is the video:

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