Elsa Majimbo Hosts Usain Bolt in Her New Show

  • Kenya’s online sensation Elsa Majimbo hosted 11-time world champion, Usain Bolt, in her new online show dubbed Bedtime With Elsa.

    The retired sprint world champion sat down with the teen comedian to speak about life before and after his career. 

    Explaining to Elsa how it feels to be a champion, Bolt revealed that he brags to his close friends about his title ‘World’s fastest man.’

    ‘When my friends talk crap, I always remind them that am the fastest man in the world so they need to chill,” said Bolt. 


    11-time world champion Jamaican Sprinter, Usain Bolt.


    Elsa agreed with his sentiments saying that she does the same with her friends as they both laughed hysterically.

    ”I do the same when my friends disrespect me. I remind them am a fast rising comedian so they should put respect on my name,” said Majimbo. 

    Speaking of his career, Bolt said that it was his cricket coach who asked him to try running since he saw how fast he was while playing the sport. He took heed to his coach’s advice but ran just for fun.

    The Jamaican national further noted that cricket was his first love in sports because of his dad’s influence. 

    The world champion also narrated how he realized that he could make a career out of running which started way back in primary school.

    Bolt further told how his teacher in primary school challenged him to race a fellow pupil who was a bit faster than him and the winner would be rewarded.

    “I had this one kid that was always faster than me when I was younger and I remember my teacher said to me; ‘If you win I’ll give you a box lunch,” said Bolt. “For me as a kid, box lunch was the biggest thing and I was like okay okay…. and I won…. I got the lunch.”

    In 2017, Bolt retired as an athlete after the world championships to try his hand at professional football. In 2019, he announced that he would no longer pursue a career in football, saying it was fun while it lasted in 2019.

    Bolt also noted why he chose to pursue his football career in Australia and not in Europe. 

    “I wanted to get away from the media because I know they were gonna really follow my progress and I didn’t want that extra pressure. So I went to Australia but it did not work because it was not as smooth and the quality of football down there is not the same,” he said. 

    Bolt applauded the 19-year-old comedian for the milestones she has taken in her career.

    Keep doing what you do and I will be watching….alright?” said the world champion.

    A week ago, the young comedian was announced as the winner of the Forbes Women Africa Entertainer Award. 

    Majimbo also did a short monologue for the Golden Globes Awards which is hosted annually in Hollywood on  Sunday February 28.

    Comedian Elsa Majimbo shows off her chess medals and trophy

    Comedian Elsa Majimbo shows off her chess medals and trophy


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