Oguna on the Spot Over Controversial Comment on Kenya’s Taxes

  • Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, found himself on the receiving end on Tuesday, March 16, following his comments regarding taxation in Kenya.

    Oguna appeared to support the government, while addressing questions around the recent new fuel prices that have been a subject of discussion among Kenyans.

    Matters came to ahead after Oguna contrasting taxes Kenyans pay to those of the European countries, a comparison that did not sit down well with Kenyans.

    “The amount of taxes people pay in Europe is nothing compared to what you’re paying here, you shouldn’t be crying,” Oguna had said. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the nation from State House on Friday, March 12.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the nation from State House on Friday, March 12.


    Oguna was attempting to justify the reason behind higher taxes associated with higher fuel prices which has recently risen catching Kenyans by surprise given the current economic situation. 

    He went ahead and questioned how Kenyans expected to get services from the government when they are not willing to play their part in paying taxes. 

    “The government is not doing any business, but has the mandate to offer services. If we are not ready to help the government, who else will?” Oguna asked. 

    He further requested Kenyans to stand firm and support the government instead of crying all the time. 

    His comments were, however, not welcomed by a section of Kenyans who wondered how he could compare Kenya with Europe when we are so underdeveloped.

    One Kenyan said that Cyrus Oguna comparing Kenyans taxation to that of Europe, but when we expect them to deliver services the same way, they say we’re just a developing country.

    “John Munyes na Cyrus Oguna sat and shamelessly decided to compare us to Europe, uko kwenye transport system works and less corruption compared to us,” Another Kenyan lamented. 

    Another concerned citizen even compared Oguna with the Biblical Kings. 

    “Cyrus Oguna of Uhuruto’s govt can be compared to the biblical King Rehoboam, Solomon’s son. While Kenyans want the yoke of taxation lifted, he is implying that the yoke needs to be doubled. As was in the bible, this is the genesis of disintegration. He said. 

    However, some Kenyans appeared to be lenient enough to offer the government advice on how to utilize the taxes they so efficiently collect to better lives.

    Meanwhile, motorists offering transport services are already making plans to hike fares to cushion themselves from losses after fuel prices went up.

    Already, PSV operators in Nyahururu, Laikipia, are discussing the best way to cushion themselves from the fuel hike even as they seek to protect commuters from a hike in fares.  

    A petrol station attendant pumping fuel into a car.

    A petrol station attendant pumping fuel into a car.


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