Maria to Join Popular TV Show After Citizen TV Exit

  • Yasmin Said, famously known as Maria is reportedly set to join MNETS popular show Selina after starring in Citizen TV’s drama series Maria which was replaced by the upcoming show Zora

    Maria’s season finale was aired on Thursday, March 18, with Maria (Yasmin Said) wedding Luwi – a character played by celebrated actor Brian Ogana. The show was produced by Jiffy Pictures and Citizen TV’s power couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. 

    Sources privy to the engagement said that Selina scriptwriters are contemplating ways they can draft Yasmin, one of the most followed actresses, into the East African show.


    Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Yasmin Said (Maria) pose for a photo before shooting the season finale of Citizen TV’s drama Maria


    “I believe she is set to join the cast. Though the details are still scarce. They are holding discussions,” the insider told on Friday, March 19. 

    Celestine Gachuhi, the main cast in Selina series on Maisha Magic East, hinted at Yasmin working together with her and award-winning actors, Pascal Tokodi and Brenda Wairimu alongside Tik-Tok star Azziad Nasenya. 

    “Would you love to see Yasmin Said “Maria” on Selina?” Gachuhi played cagey with the details and decided to keep her followers guessing. 

    Yasmin and Tokodi starred in King Kaka’s song NakuLove alongside the late Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) in June 2020. Nasenya joined Selina the same month after her fame skyrocketed on social media platforms.  

    Selina drama tells the story of Selina (played by Celestine Gachuhi) an intelligent young woman of humble beginnings who has excelled in her fourth form exams and is bound to join the university.

    Her mischievous stepmother, Kristina, crafts a wicked plot to sell her off to work as a maid for the Mackenzies, putting on hold her dreams to pursue further education. 

    Selina comes from humble beginnings, but she’s smart and ambitious. Her new employer soon sees her true value.

    On her Instagram page, Yasmin also featured Azziad Nasenya in a feature promotion of an upcoming show which insiders said was a hint at her playing cast in Selina

    “Are you ready? We can’t relax. We move on,” she played coy. 

    The actress couldn’t be reached for comment on her future and career. 


    Selina cast pose for a cover photo.


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