Well-Wishers Come To Rescue Of Schoolgirl Captured Sleeping On Floor With Grandma.

The heartbreaking story of how a young schoolgirl has been living in dilapidated conditions with her grandmother in Homa Bay county pulled many Kenyans to their heartstrings.

Many Kenyans of goodwill came to her rescue as they have always done whenever a needy case arises and Mtaa Buzz is glad to report that the 14-year-old girl will never have to sleep on the floor again.

In a Facebook post shared by renowned philanthropist Silas Odhiambo, well-wishers bought the vulnerable family a bed, mattress, food among other goodies for starters as they also called for more Kenyans to join the good cause.

Odhiambo also revealed the girl has two other siblings who all depend on the elderly woman for survival.

Sadly, their dad is very much alive and does not care about his children or the elderly woman who was forced to take them in after their mother passed on.

We found out that the dad is alive though not responsible at all since the passing on of his wife and additionally he is a chang’aa brewer,” the philanthropist said.

As Mtaa Buzz reported, the 14-year-old girl is in Grade Two. Ideally, she should be in Form One but the hardships she has gone through in her life derailed her education.

Maryann Achieng Odira, a teacher at Onganga Primary School, Homa Bay county, always wondered why the girl was often late for class or would sometimes not show up at school.

And when the little girl attended class, she would be aloof and often failed to pay attention when the teacher was speaking.

The primary school teacher decided to trek to the girl’s home to find out why she was always sad and off and it was then that she found out the troubles that the pupil was facing.

“She is 14 years old but still in Grade Two. If things were a bit better, she would be in Form One,” the teacher told Mtaa Buzz in an exclusive interview.

The learner and her family live in the interior parts of the village. When Maryann reached there, she was perturbed to learn of the conditions her pupil lived in.

The 14-year-old lives with her grandmother and two cousins in a dilapidated one-room house rigged with holes and dust.

“Her grandmother does not have a phone, and therefore, communication becomes hard sometimes,” Maryann added.

What they call a bed is a paper-thin net spread on the floor. The room also serves as the family’s kitchen, and the little utensils they have also do not seem to be enough for the four.

With a broken heart, the teacher shared the story on Facebook and asked Kenyans to contribute towards the kids’ education and better their living standards.

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