Details of Uhuru’s Ksh150M Bike Riders

  • In 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta was allocated Ksh150 million to purchase new high-speed BMW motorbikes that form part of his escort unit. 

    The riders are not any ordinary bikers as they also trained in war and combat. They do not only clear the way for the presidential motorcade but also offer protection. 

    Speaking to, Simiyu Werunga, a security expert said that the riders are also armed with small arms such as revolvers and self-loading pistols.


    President Uhuru’s motorcade heading to the Tanzanian High Commission in Muthaiga, Nairobi on Saturday, March 20, 2021


    “They are all trained and are part of the escort unit. However, they have more responsibilities such as pace-setting. They dictate how fast the motorcade can be driven at one point and how slow at another. 

    “Although all of the units are trained on this and they have stipulated speed they need to drive at,” Werunga said. 

    Werunga added that the Presidential Escort Unit commander directs all activities but the riders dictate the pace as much. 

    The bikers also ride in a V shape, with the leader in the front and the other four behind him. The motorcade usually has either five or six riders. 

    A police officer privy to the information also added that the bikes are normally transported under tight security when the President travels to another region via air. 

    He further said that the bikes are armoured too like all the presidential cars and are also modified per the security team requirement. 

    The escort unit provides security and protection to the President, the First Family, retired Presidents, the Deputy President, visiting Heads of State and Governments and any other V.I.P. as may be directed by the Inspector-General. 

    The Presidential Escort Unit guarding President Uhuru Kenyatta at an event in 2018.

    The Presidential Escort Unit guarding President Uhuru Kenyatta at an event in 2018.


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