Kenyan Motorists Rush to Tanzania for Cheap Fuel

  • Kenyan motorists are rushing to Tanzania to purchase cheap petrol and diesel for their vehicles, after Kenya’s Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority hiked fuel prices on Sunday, March 14. 

    The motorists from the bordering counties said that fuel in Tanzania costs Ksh 94 per litre as compared to Kenya’s Ksh 123. That translates to a difference of Ksh 29. 

    Boda boda riders were also reported to purchase fuel in bulk through jerricans which were sold to motorists in Kenya at a cheaper cost compared to the one they purchase at petrol stations. 


    Traffic snarl-up at Uhuru Highway in Nairobi

    “Since fuel prices were hiked, life has been difficult,” one rider spotted with a jerrican said. 

    Motorists are also said to be purchasing fuel from unlicensed traders who siphon fuel from petroleum truckers. 

    Drivers were alleged to be colluding with the traders to sell extra litres of fuel from the tankers. 

    EPRA raised Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene prices by Kshs 7.63, Kshs 5.75 and Kshs 5.41 per litre respectively. 

    The new fuel prices in Nairobi will trade at; Super Petrol Kshs.122.81, Diesel at Kshs.107.66 and Kerosene at Kshs.97.85 between Monday, March 15, to Sunday, April 14.

    The changes sparked nationwide protest from politicians to motorists and commuters. Traders also cautioned that the cost of commodities would rise. 

    PSV operators further warned that they would increase fares to cushion themselves from the fuel price hike. 

    The National Assembly Committee of Delegated Legislation, however, approved a fuel subsidy program on Wednesday, March 17.

    The Petroleum Development Levy Order, 2020 will give the Petroleum CS powers to lower the price of fuel and cushion Kenyan against sharp spikes. 

    File image of a petrol station

    File image of a petrol station


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