K24 Presenter’s Bride Makes Grand Entrance In Matatu At Nairobi Wedding. [VIDEO]

K24 TV presenter DJ Mzito and his bride surprised their family and friends after they arrived at their wedding reception in a matatu.

The ceremony which was held at Bethany Gardens Karen in Nairobi, saw the couple ride shotgun inside one of the city’s pimped out PSVs.

They two ditched the luxury of the Range Rover and Toyota which they had earlier used during the church ceremony to ride the matatu.

“We decided to use matatu coz my wife and I love the matatu culture and we also wanted it to be different,” the groom told Mtaa Buzz.

Videos seen by Mtaa Buzz showed the surprise and excitement that gripped the venue when the newlyweds made their grand entrance.

Some of the celebrities that attended the wedding included gospel artist Moji Short Baba, DJ Moz and colleagues such as Dj Frank and DJ Johnie Celeb.

“I wish them nothing but blessings and guidance in their journey together. And I can’t wait to see little Mzito’s,” Moji said in a message of goodwill.

The bride was dressed in a white flowing dress while the groom rocked a maroon velvet blazer and black trousers.

The bridesmaids wore pink dresses while their male counterparts donned navy blue blazers with black trousers.

Wedding planners and suppliers in Kenya cash in on ceremonies where couples spare no expense.

A report by Samantha Bridal, one of Kenya’s leading wedding media and lifestyle companies, stated that weddings generate an average of Ksh 30 billion every year.

Some of the largest expenses are incurred in booking locations, gowns, decoration, tents and VIP transport.

Toyota Land Cruisers or Prados can go for as much as Ksh 15,000 per day including fuel and chauffeur costs.

More luxurious models like Range Rovers and Mercedes Benz go for more than Ksh 20,000, while budget cars fetch Ksh 7,000 a day each.

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