KTN News Anchor Announces Exit During Prime Bulletin [VIDEO]

  • KTN News Presenter Fridah Mwaka has called it quits from the Mombasa-Road-based TV station.

    While wrapping up the prime time Swahili bulletin on Sunday, March 21, Mwaka revealed that the time had come for her to pursue other interests.

    Mwaka has left the station after three years after she joined in March 2018 to replace Mashirima Kapombe who had left KTN to Citizen TV.

    In her exit message to her fans, Mwaka noted that she would always be available and invited them to interact with her whenever they run into each other on the streets.

    Former KTN News anchor Fridah Mwakah

    Former KTN News anchor Fridah Mwakah.


    “You have been my fans and always made me better in this field of Journalism. Time has now come for me to leave KTN News. Allow me to do the hardest thing. I do not have a choice but to say goodbye. 

    “I thank The Standard Group, KTN News crew, my fellow journalists, friends and fans. If you meet me in the field any day, call me Fridah Mwaka and I will respond. Goodbye,” announced Mwaka.

    Mwaka also indicated that she would soon be on a TV screen but remained mum on what her next steps would be.

    Her journey to the media industry’s sunny side has been rather a tough one since she began her career at the now-defunct Kubamba Radio.

    Mwaka was one of the contestants of the highly publicised The Presenter show on KTN but fell behind the 2015 winners Michelle Ngele and Jamal Gaddafi.

    At Kubamba Radio, Mwaka hosted a show dubbed “Jikoni” alongside Music Producer Saint P.

    She was picked to replace Kapombe who had, at the time, been poached by Citizen TV when it unveiled a new lineup for its prime time news.

    Mwaka holds a diploma in mass communication from the Mombasa Aviation Institute.

    Below is the video:

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