Camera Captures Moment Trailer Rams Into Vehicle, Killing 2 [VIDEO]

  • A dashboard camera captured the shocking moment when a trailer rammed into a speeding vehicle on the Nakuru-Kisumu highway on Monday, March 22.

    In the video seen by, the vehicle can be seen trying to overtake a trailer only to be hit by an oncoming vehicle.

    The driver of the van had tried to swerve to the left after the trailer he was trying to overtake appeared to give him way, but it was a little bit too late.

    A Toyota Noah involved in an accident on Monday, March 22

    A Toyota Noah involved in an accident on Monday, March 22


    The driver of the van can be seen trying to manoeuvre to the right to avoid hitting the oncoming trailer, and it is at this point that his vehicle was knocked down.

    The two occupants of the small van, sadly, reportedly died on the spot.

    In yet another accident, two individuals died after a drunk driver tried to race against an ambulance. The ambulance was reportedly rushing a patient to hospital.

    According to a witness, the ambulance was headed in the same direction as the competing car when the accident happened. The driver of the car reportedly tried to overtake the ambulance at a narrow strip before losing control and smashing into a building.

    The driver’s whereabouts remain unknown with the police asking for anyone with information that could lead to his arrest to report to the authorities.

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