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On Sunday, March 21, Joyce Maina confirmed that she and Tony Kwalanda were no longer a couple.

Taking to her Insta-Stories for a question and answer session, one of her fans asked if she was still single, and she responded ‘Yes’. Another fan also asked, “Are you still dating Tony Kwalanda? I’m a big fan of you,” Joyce answered ‘No’.

Kwalanda proposed to Joyce in October last year, the same night the station was celebrating its second anniversary after the couple dated for two years. “@switchtvke is 2 years old, and we too enjoyed the #nightofthestars” said Tony.

Adding, “We are not the first to hold hands, we are not the last to hold hands; we are not the first to wear matching outfits, we are not the last to wear matching outfits; we are not the first to be happy, we are not the last to be happy. When you get here, just do it! It takes two to tango”, it takes two to beat this Nairobi cold weather, it takes two to look at each other, it takes two to smile, it takes two to laugh, it takes two to share.” The actress has deleted all their pictures on social media and unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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