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Radio presenter Nick Ndeda and his wife Muthoni Gitau opened up about being pro choice on their YouTube channel. The couple shared their abortion stories while they were dating other people.

The radio presenter said he supported two of his ex-girlfriends to abort, “I have been in a couple situations where abortion was brought up. All the time I wasn’t the one who brought it up, it was like, ‘this is what I want to do and I want you to be okay with it’ and that was what I was told. I was okay with it because a woman is the one who carries the child.

For me I am fortunate enough to have had partners who wanted to have an abortion and were very okay with it, everything went smoothly. The first one said she was pregnant and didn’t want to keep the child and told me to pay for it, I took her to the clinic and her friend came later and took her home. The second one took a pill.”

Muthoni also shared her own experience, saying she wasn’t ready to have a child, “I have been on different contraceptives and they make me sick. At one point I was weaning myself of the pill because I wanted to start the injection. In between, I fell pregnant and I decided I was going to procure an abortion. I didn’t have information and it was the scariest time of my life. I tried to do research online but everything I got was ‘it was illegal’. I was scared and I felt alone, I was in a new relationship.

The naïve me went and asked someone at a chemist, the guy told me it was Sh1200. He gave me two pills; I was supposed to put them under my tongue an hour apart.  I took a matatu and went home alone, big mistake. He did not prepare me for what was going to happen. I did what I was instructed and I started cramping, I was in so much pain.

I took painkillers but the pain was unbearable, I called my boda boda guy who rushed me to a clinic nearby. When I got there, I met the rudest doctor ever, I couldn’t be honest about what was happening. They gave me an injection but I was still in pain, I knew I couldn’t be honest because I was gonna end up in jail. They gave me another injection the pain subsided and ‘stuff’ came out. They charged me Sh8000, I called a friend, she paid the bill and we went home.”

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