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Oscar Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has opened up about her life after she became famous.

Speaking to her cousin Kitt Kiarie on her YouTube channel, she shared the moment she came back to the country after winning the academy award and how her extended family treated her, “There was a moment right after I was in Hollywood, I came home and everyone was like ‘Lupita’. I was like no guys, they just decided I was going by the name Lupita. My family has always called me Amondi, I guess they were seeing me in magazines and said now she is Lupita.

I was like get that out of your mouth. It tastes like gravel, it was so strange, it felt foreign, rude, distant and off when my family calls me Lupita. It also feels extremely off when people who are not my family call me Amondi, It is like this unwritten rule. Other than that, my family treats me the same, I’m teased in the same way.”

She says it was also awkward when they took photos with her, “It was a little awkward but at the same time how I decided to think of it. They were proud and they wanted to commemorate it. I feel so at home with my family, they are so chilled. Funny to be around, we sing together, I’m just like who else can I do this with.”

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