Police Babysitting Baby for KCPE Candidate Moves Kenyans

  • A police officer made headlines after he was captured in a video babysitting a toddler as the mother sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

    In the video that did rounds on social media, the police officer from Ruai, Nairobi County, can be seen rocking the baby in one hand while holds a firearm in his other, an act that has warmed the hearts of many.

    The police officer told the media that he only did what he felt was right, and to ensure that the student completed her exams.

    Kenya Police during a parade

    Kenya Police during a parade


    The incident happened at Quest for Happiness school, with the headteacher, Tabitha Mbaya, applauding the police officer for his kind act.

    “It’s true the officer fell in love with this baby, and you could see him fondly carrying the toddler as he patrolled the school,” Mbaya stated.

    The KCPE candidate, according to the head, decided to sit her exams despite the hardships she has faced after becoming a mother at a tender age.

    “I thank the officer for babysitting my baby. My dream is to continue with education because I aspire to learn like my colleagues and get a good job,” Milito stated.

    The incident happened on the last day of the KCPE exams which commenced on Monday, March 22, with 1,191,725 candidates sitting the exams in 28,467 examination centers.

    Police officers have recently been making headlines due to their acts of kindness. Recently, former Nairobi police boss Yakub Rashid was captured digging the grave of the late Senator’s grave at the Lang’ata Muslim Cemetery.

    The video, which went viral, showed him at work while dressed in his official police uniform. Kenyans, moved by the act, shared the video on multiple social sites commending him for his actions.

    Nairobi Police Commander Yakub Rashid digging the grave of the late Senator Yusus Haji

    Nairobi Police Commander Yakub Rashid digging the grave of the late Senator Yusus Haji


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