Popular TV47 Presenter Resigns

  • Popular TV47 show, the Garden of Eden, will end in a month after it’s presenter and content creator Soni Kanake, tendered her resignation notice on Wednesday, March 24.

    Speaking to, Kanake, who is the creator of the show, stated that the program came to a close after failing to agree on certain important issues with the station’s management.

    “Basically, the show was growing rapidly and the nine months Garden of Eden aired on TV 47 was good while it lasted and it’s time to cast the net wider,” Kanake said.

    Garden of Eden presenter Soni Kanake during a show on TV47

    Garden of Eden presenter Soni Kanake during a show on TV47


    A study conducted last month revealed that the show is popular with individuals aged between 21 and 24 years, with 58.06 percent of the respondents having watched the show.

    The survey was conducted in a single day, with a possible sample size of over 13,000 respondents, showed that most viewers were in the 18-60 years age bracket, with an income of between Ksh10,000 and Ksh50,000.

    The Show grew from a few hundreds to crossing the one million views on social media in January in one of their episodes.

    Kanake has hosted a number of personalities in her show including pastor Man Kush, writer Robertta Bobbie, publicist Nonsizi, among others.

    Previously, Kanake hosted Connect on K24 TV, a show that was also on sex and relationships.

    Other than hosting, the presenter prides herself as an experienced features editor and writer, who has worked in both print and broadcast media.

    She has a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Marketing from Kenya Methodist University.

    Garden of Eden presenter Soni Kanake

    Garden of Eden presenter Soni Kanake


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