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On the latest episode of Sol Family on Showmax, radio presenter Njambi Koikai talks about managing Sauti Sol while still in university, “I met Sauti Sol in 2007, we were at the Alliance Française. I was an actor at Heartstrings and in the play, there was a musical break and they would come in topless and perform. 

There was a Kenchic right opposite and we would hang out there, all we could afford was fries and all of a sudden Polycarp popped the question ‘Njambi will you be our manager?’ I was like what!” said Njambi.

Though she did not have any experience, she successfully organized their first event, “She organized our gig and did it so well. She was still in University and didn’t know what she was doing but did it.  We charged Sh350 and around 300 people came, Wawesh was in the building and he was sold. This was on a Friday and by Monday we started recording, they catered for all the expenses,” said Sauti Sol.

The group also shared their experience performing at funerals, “Our aspirations was to be played at Kiss Fm we used to write songs at Alliance Française every day for almost two years. When we were starting out, we were four people and getting paid Sh20,000 was a lot. We had small disappointments like when Chimano lacked food and guys would get angry.

We used to perform in informal settings like birthdays and funerals. I guess performing at funerals is an interesting gig it felt weird accepting money. We grew our fan base slowly and people started asking where they could get the music and that’s when we started recording because we had 20 songs ready.”

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