Ruto’s Allies Warn Him Over Alliance With Raila

  • Pointers by Deputy President William Ruto of a possible alliance with ODM party Leader Ruto has triggered a division in his camp.

    Ruto’s allies warned him of the possible loss of mass following and support from the Mt.Kenya region should the coalition happen.

    Soy MP Caleb kositany and his backing noted that bringing Raila on board would affect their 2022 strategy.  “Trust me, if we try to approach Raila today in the 2022 calculation we will lose our support base in Mount Kenya. In fact, the rebellion Uhuru is facing there is because if Raila and as Team DP, we cannot risk that,” stated Kositany.

    An image of Caleb Kositany

    Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany speaking at a past event.


    Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono backed him on the same warning that if Raila is brought on board they risk losing friends from Mount Kenya.

    Belgut MP Nelson was very welcoming but cautioned that no one should join with intentions of overtaking power. Another lot led by Emurua Dikir MP Johanna Ng’eno were of a different opinion altogether and very open to the possible alliance.

    Ng’eno was convinced of the possibility for the two to work together referring back to 2007.

    “If President Kenyatta can work with the opposition leader, then we cannot rule out Dr. Ruto working with Raila in the coming elections. They once worked in the pentagon and they know each other well,” he opined.

    Suba South MP John Mbadi on March 26 dismissed the alleged alliance saying that the two leaders had never spoken on any alleged alliance. 

    “There are no such formal conversations going on and ODM is not interested in any alliance at this point in time. We are focusing on a constitutional amendment and, yes, later we will look for alliances,” Mbadi affirmed. 

    However, Ruto in an interview two days ago revealed that he was ready to work with ODM leader and rival Raila Odinga as long as they share economical goals.

    He pointed out that he and Raila have almost similar goals, all of which are aimed at uplifting the country. “The former Prime Minister and I read from the same script on the need to have political parties that have a national outlook,” he said

    He further praised the ODM party stating that it was the only other party in the country that had a national presence that could match the Hustler Movement.

    Mt Kenya region leaders pictured at Pan Afric Hotel in Nairobi on July 8, 2020.

    Mt Kenya region leaders pictured at Pan Afric Hotel in Nairobi on July 8, 2020.


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