Anne Waiguru’s Suggestion on Lockdown Attract Furor

  • Kirinyiga Governor Anne Waiguru was on the receiving end on Sunday, March 28, after she made suggestions to Kenyans on how to navigate the second lockdown.

    The governor suggested that all golfers use their caddy fees to offer support to others who have been and will be affected by the lockdown.

    “Kenya has about 40 golf clubs. The typical golf club has about 200 caddies. As we await reopening of the economy my proposal is for a “support a caddy a week” by all golfers for the equivalent of the caddy fees that one spends every week,” Waiguru shared in her post.


    President Uhuru Kenyatta gives his 15th Presidential address on the Covid-19 pandemic at State House, Nairobi on March 26, 2021.


    She said this would go along way in cushioning some Kenyans as the country awaits new policy interventions.

    The governor said that it is necessary for people to remain their brothers and sisters keepers.

    “Small gesture yes, doesn’t solve everything but will feed about 8000 families of these our teammates during the lockdown,” She said. 

    Her comments drew mixed reactions from Kenyans, with many feeling the intervention she had proposed was insignificant.

    “Kirinyaga is ravaging in Covid-19. These issues of golfers and candies are just sideshows you can do it silently,” one Kamau said.

    “Now I’m bothered by the fact that out of all the problems we have going on in this country, this is what you posted on this Lord’s Day,” Morgan shared.

    Others responded by saying these were just normal routines of politicians seeking to benefit from an already dire situation.

    “The problem with you politicians is that you think about yourself, golf won’t bring food to the normal mwananchi. It will only benefit golf club owners. Let Uhuru lift the curfew and lockdown and ban campaigns,” another Kenyan shared.

    The Kenyan Film and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua also weighed in, as he too followed discussions around Waiguru’s post.

    Mutua supported the governor’s idea and wondered why Kenyans were being so negative to the idea yet it was not the only mitigation idea that is available.

    “Why are people expressing bitterness and ignorance? This is an excellent idea – pragmatic, well thought out, and easy to implement. The Governor is not saying that this is the only way to help, but if all of us did something so practical and directly linked to common mwananchi, the negative effects of the lockdown would be much easier to bear,” Mutua said.

    He urged Kenyans to not just criticize the idea, but offer more possible responses that can be applied in other sectors.

    “Let’s do this with the house managers, watchman, the caretaker et al. The trickle-down effect will be amazing. Don’t just criticize. Apply the suggestions in your own sphere of influence,” he said.

    A section of Kenyans did not take lightly the KFCB boss’s response.  They wanted to know how the solution suggested by the governor was touching on ordinary Kenyans.

    “If you give a pragmatic solution as an example to the people working for the rich who will stand with the ordinary Kenyans mama mbogas, DJs , bartenders, transport industry etc,” said Kamau.  

    “And what is the government doing about the poor Kenyans? Restriction without relief is killing the common mwananchi,” posed Jecinta.

    Other Kenyans, however, supported Waiguru’s idea.

    “It’s would be good to seek solutions on how we can help our people go through this tough time. This idea just requires the goodwill of implementing it,” Jackson commented in support of the governor’s idea.

    Simon who was in support of Waiguru went further and suggested that the government should cushion Kenyans as it did during the last lockdown.

    “A great idea. Let’s hold each other’s hands during this pandemic.

    “I wish the government would take such an initiative and reduce the cost of basic commodities like foodstuffs and fuel to enable affordability by Kenyans,” Simon said.

    The second lockdown announced on Friday, March 26, has left many Kenyans wondering how they will survive as the economy continues to take a hit from the global pandemic.

    KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua addressing a forum at Kenyatta University in Nairobi on February 22, 2020

    KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua addressing a forum at Kenyatta University in Nairobi on February 22, 2020


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