List Of Churches That Make Billions But Are Now Counting Heavy Losses.

Richest churches in Kenya and how much they make annually: The year 2020 and 2021 will be years to forget for many churches in Kenya.

The pandemic and the subsequent church closures have been disastrous for churches.

Offerings and tithing have all dried up. With lock down season 2 now in force, things are about to get worse.

But previously, a number of churches have been raking in billions of money every year.

This is what prompted the setting of new rules by the government that now requires churches to file their annual financial returns with audited accounts for the financial year.

The churches also give a declaration of the assets and liabilities and bank statements of all accounts.

For example, 2015, three churches in Kenya made it to the Kenya Revenue Authority’s top taxpayers’ list as their businesses sail above annual returns of between Sh. 100 million and Sh. 1 billion. This has remained the trend over the past five years.

Among the top richest churches in the country that rake in hundreds of millions if not billions, and which are now counting huge losses as a result of the coronavirus shutdown is the Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM), which has 15 branches countrywide.

List of churches that make billions but are now counting heavy losses

Surprisingly, Catholic Church in Kenya has not found its way to this league despite its overwhelming membership.

1. Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) – With 15 branches countrywide, the CITAM church recorded a sum of 1.016 billion shillings a few years ago. The church also owns Hope FM.

2. Nairobi Chapel- The church comes second after they reportedly collected a total of Sh. 440, 159,438.

3. Mavuno Church- The church is ranked number 3 with a total sum of over Sh. 291 million.

4. All Saints Cathedral- It’s the largest Anglican Church in Kenya ranks fourth after collecting around Sh. 190, 850, 103.

5. Nairobi Baptist Church comes in fifth with a total sum of 163 million in collections.

Some of the other big churches in Kenya include the Winners Chapel, JCC (Jubilee Christian Church) Ministries, NPC, Faith Evangelistic Ministry, JCC (Jesus Celebration Center) Bamburi, Jesus Is Alive Ministries and Neno Evangelism Center.

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