Meet Nairobi DJ Making Money in Town Farming

  • Anam Bloch, who popularly goes by the name Blochain Blocka, is the founder of Shimei Eco-Gardens, a Kenyan-based environmental and agribusiness company – and he says the returns are not that bad. 

    He says his background in environmental biology brought about the creation of Shimei eco gardens which provide farming-related services such as aquaponics, greenhouses, aquariums, fishponds, and grow bags in Nairobi’s capital.

    In an interview with the Daily Nation, the man who always loved music, which is why he is a DJ, said his farming venture took root during the pandemic.

    DJ Blochain Blocka's Karen plantation

    DJ Blochain Blocka’s Karen plantation.


    Anam completed his Master’s degree in Organic Agriculture and now focuses on organic farming which uses fewer pesticides and minimal interference allowing the crops to be fresher and healthy.

    He has done projects in Eldoret, Nyari residence, Runda, Kisumu, Two rivers, Loresho among many others.

    His target audience are suburban homes and farmers.

    He believes that targeting suburban homes will decrease over reliance on processed foods and empower self-sufficiency among individuals.

    ​“We come to use space, evaluate the area and advice you according to what you have. This is because we try to provide something that will be suited for you,” said Anam.

    Anan also talked to the Daily Nation about his new album dubbed Nairobi Yetu, which features Kenyan Artists some of whom are his friends and have worked together before.

    Anan says he has three unreleased albums featuring Kenyan artists.

    He describes his style of music as home-themed featuring Kenyan/African artists and diversifies when it comes to instrumentals incorporating hip-hop, RnB, Afrohouse, and reggae.

    DJ Blochain Blocka's greenhouse in Kisumu city.

    DJ Blochain Blocka’s greenhouse in Kisumu city.


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