How to activate the water lock on your Apple Watch

With the exception of the 2015 Original Apple Watch – also known as Series 0 – and its later model, the Series 1, all subsequent generations have gained water resistance features, allowing them to be plunged into the pool, in the sea or used while bathing. – while the first two models have only resistance to splashing water, that is, they can only have contact with rain, with splashes when washing hands, or with sweat, in the case of physical exercises.

Even with the resistance of the Series 2 and later generations, there is a recommendation to activate the Water Lock – a feature that locks the Apple Watch screen to prevent accidental touches in situations where it will inevitably get wet. When starting a swimming or surfing workout by watch, this feature is automatically activated.

For the water block to be effective, it is always necessary to activate it before any contact with water. So, to start our tutorial below, keep your watch out of the water and see how to activate it on your Apple Watch.

Important: this feature, as mentioned, blocks the usage screen, so it’s not possible to interact with it or with the side buttons on the device – so if you’re going to use it to respond to notifications or mess with your apps while you’re in the water, do not activate the Water Lock.

Step 1: on your watch, drag the screen upwards to open the Apple Watch Control Center. Scroll down until you find a water drop icon and click on it to activate the water lock.

Step 2: when you activate it, you will notice the light blue water icon at the top center of the clock screen. From now on, you will no longer be able to interact with anything on the device screen. This is to avoid accidental touches during your swim or training in the water.

Step 3: when you have your Apple Watch out of the water, rotate the Digital Crown a few times – the round button on the side of the watch – until you complete a circle that will appear on the screen.

Step 4: as soon as it is unlocked, the screen will work again and you will hear a sound coming from the side opening of the watch, where the speaker is located – this means that the Apple Watch is using sound waves to eject water that may eventually have entered through the side of the device. If it has been very wet, the sound may be distorted while the water is ejected.

Step 5: depending on the amount of water the watch was exposed to – for example, if you went into a pool to swim – it is possible that a few drops of water will come out of the device through the side opening, ejected by the sound waves reproduced by the loudspeaker. speaker.

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