Kogelo Roads Blocked Ahead of Sarah Obama’s Burial

  • Kisumu County Commissioner Michael Ole Tialal, on Monday, March 29, announced that roadblocks had been erected along the roads leading to Sarah Obama’s compound.

    The Commissioner noted that politicians would not be allowed to tag along with their supporters to the funeral.

    Police decided to erect the roadblocks after they had a difficult time on Monday, March 29, trying to contain residents who wanted to force their way into the compound to view the deceased’s body.

    A file image of Barack Obama with his grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama, in K'Ogelo village

    A file image of Barack Obama with his grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama, in K’Ogelo village

    Daily Nation

    Tialal also noted that only a few guests approved by the family would be allowed into the ceremony. This will be done inline with the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 containment measures.

    The burial committee chairman Vitalis Awandu said that only close relatives and a few guests would be allowed to attend the burial.

    “We have guests from Kendu Bay, which is Obama’s original home,” Awandu said.

    The family refuted claims that Mama Sarah died of Covid-19 related infections. Dr George Rae stated that Mama Sarah had been transferred in from Sagam Hospital and had already started showing signs of improvement.

    “Mama Sarah died of a chest infection. We tried our best to manage her condition. She had already started improving when she died at 4.45 a.m,” Dr Rae said.

    Kisumu Muslim Association chairman Sheikh Musa Ishmael said that medics from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) had carried out Covid-19 tests on her and they came out negative.

    “She was strong but her age was a compromising factor. Even a simple flu would have led to her death,” the Sheikh said.

    He added that her burial would be conducted according to the Islamic burial norms.

    “Islamic tradition requires that the body is interred immediately after the confirmation of death, but for this case, the family of Mama Sarah has requested for more time so that those who reside within Nairobi and other far-flung areas can travel home to attend the burial,” the Sheik said.

    Mama Sarah died on Monday, March 29, at the Jaramogi Oginga Teaching and Referral Hospital where she had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

    Her body left the referral hospital to her home in Kogelo at around midday on March 29.

    Sarah Obama is set to be buried on Tuesday, March 30, next to her husband Hussein Onyango Obama.

    Former US First Lady Michelle Obama during her trip to Kenya

    Former US First Lady Michelle Obama during her trip to Kenya


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