Obama Relatives, Govt Officials Blocked from Grandmother’s Burial

  • Mama Sarah Obama’s relatives, government officials and journalists were barred from attending her burial which was set to take place on Tuesday, March 30.

    There was a slight altercation after some relatives of the Obamas, who came from Kendu Bay, were asked to produce passes before they could access their grandmother’s home.

    “We have driven all the way to mourn our grandmother. The home to which I had unlimited access is now a sacred place that not even me, the late’s granddaughter, can access to mourn her in peace,” protested Hildah Were, Mama Sarah’s grandchild.

    sarah Obama

    A file image of Barack Obama with his grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama, in K’Ogelo village

    Daily Nation

    Were complained that it was absurd that only men were being allowed in yet according to Muslim traditions women were supposed to wash the deceased and prepare her body for burial.

    “They are locking out family members from accessing the home and allowing politicians. It is embarrassing and disgusting to say the least. Even women who are to dress Mama Sarah are still locked outside here,” complained Were.

    Hilda Were added that they had been informed that only 30 people would be allowed inside the compound to take part in the burial ceremony.

    “The whole world knows that Mama Sarah’s relatives do not leave in Kogelo and those who have been allowed in are not relatives but villagers,” she said.

    Siaya County Executive Committee Member of Tourism, Charles Ogada, was not left out as he had to make several calls before he could get into the venue.

    The journalists were told to set up their equipment almost 100 meters away from the venue.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta gave the family Sh1 million as Mama Sarah was laid to rest.

    Funeral organisers insisted that only 30 people were to be allowed inside the compound due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, the presence of prominent political leaders saw some relatives lose access to accommodate the dignitaries. 

    Leaders present at the burial included Cabinet Secretary for Defense Raychelle Omamo, Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga and his Kisumu counterpart Prof Anyang Nyong’o.

    Mama Sarah died aged 99, just 23 days shy of her 100th birthday, which falls on April 22.

    United States 44th President, Barack Obama, did not attend the ceremony but issued out a statement mourning his paternal grandmother on Monday, March 29. 

    sarah Obama

    Mama Sarah Obama, Grandmother to ex-US president Barrack Obama


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