Govt Demolishes City Tycoon’s Newly Built Businesses [VIDEO]

  • A businessman in Kisumu city is counting his losses after the county government demolished his two businesses, just after he had completed construction.

    Kisumu City management demolished the container businesses that were up for rent on Wednesday, March 31 following a public uproar.

    The businesses had been set up at Akamba and Posta areas but members of the public were not satisfied with the positioning of the businesses. 

    During the demolition of the property valued at millions of shillings, acting Kisumu City manager Abala Wanga revoked the approved permit to set up the businesses.

    Wreckage left after Kenya Railways demolitions

    Wreckage left after Kenya Railways demolitions


    A video shared by Citizen TV showed a jubilant crowd applauding as a tractor was demolishing the structures. In one instance, the crowd helped in vandalizing the containers.

    The businesses were sitting at an area where hundreds of traders had been evicted in December 2020.

    The two areas are part of Kisumu County’s ongoing beautification programme.

    In the quest to beautify the lakeside city, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o evicted over 10,000 traders who had set up shop in various parks.

    Wanga, at the time, explained that the traders’ eviction from the parks was necessary for the county to continue its operations.

    “The move is to pave way for the rehabilitation of the parks for a period of 12 months. We want to make sure that we complete repair, tarmacking and grading of all major roads leading to and out of the city ahead of the 2021 Africities meeting by end of this year,” Wanga noted.

    As part of the rehabilitation, the city management has created new pavements and is currently constructing a dual carriageway that links Kakamega to Kisumu.

    The city has also witnessed a rise in luxury hotels due to its strategic location as a conference city.

    Belo is the video:

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