CCTV Captures Moment Lorry Rams Speeding Boda Boda [VIDEO]

  • A CCTV camera captured a gruesome accident that occured along Magadi-Isinya Junction in Kiserian involving a lorry and boda boda rider.

    In the video, seen by, the boda boda rider is seen trying to overtake another vehicle at a bend near a bridge, completely oblivious of the oncoming lorry.

    The rider then applied breaks to avoid being hit by the lorry, but then ended up on the path of the oncoming vehicle – which plowed into him, dragging him and the motorcycle for a few meters.

    Police officers at an accident scene involving a car and a motorbike at the Kanisa road roundabout in Nyeri on July 11, 2011.

    Police officers at an accident scene involving a car and a motorbike at the Kanisa Road roundabout in Nyeri on July 11, 2011.

    Daily Nation

    A witness told, that the boda boda rider died on the spot despite efforts to save him by rushing him to the hospital.

    A woman pedestrian who was walking next to the rider dashed just in time to avoid being hit.

    In yet another incident, a speeding truck was caught on CCTV ramming vehicles, motorcycles, and passers-by along Katito road in Kendu Bay, Homa Bay County.

    People running their day-to-day activities were caught by surprise when a truck suddenly lost control, sweeping everything in its path.

    A 34-year-old man died while four others were seriously injured in the incident.

    “Those who sustained injuries were trying to escape when they were hit. They were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment,” said area chief, Tobias Aduda.

    According to Aduda, the accident occurred after the driver of the truck unsuccessfully tried to negotiate a corner joining the Kendu Bay – Katito road.

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