KDF Reveals Surprising Cause of Failures in Mass Recruitment Exercise

  • The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has revealed that medical tests caused a majority of failures among recruits in the recently completed recruitment exercise.

    While orienting the successful recruits at Embakasi Garrison, Senior Medical Officer Colonel Dr. James Mwika attributed failures in the medical check-up phase to drug abuse among young people.

    He stated that the habits led to positive toxicology results as well positive tests for HIV, STIs and pregnancies among a number of recruits.

    “It is your responsibility to shy away from recreational drugs and premarital sex,” he urged the successful candidates.

    KDF officers during a previous pass-out parade

    KDF officers during a previous pass-out parade


    “It is saddening that some of these preventable issues led to quite a number of the youth failing the medical stage,” he further noted.

    Col Mwika advised the successful candidates to take care of their health because the medical examinations would be repeated when they report to Recruits Training School in Eldoret for additional processing and commencement of training.

    The shortlisted tradesmen/women were among thousands who had applied for the various trades advertised by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

    The recruitment process was overseen by the Chief of Personnel, Brigadier Gati Maroa. Candidates were taken through a keen and rigorous document verification process and varied medical check-ups to meet the required standards as per the KDF. 

    “Despite the Covid-19 pandemic hitting an all-time high infection rate, the recruitment process proceeded as scheduled.  Strict and elaborate measures were put in place to counter the spread of the virus.

    “Both KDF personnel and the candidates will observe and comply with all the laid down Ministry of Health protocols. Hand washing points, sanitization, proper prevention gear and clothing and most importantly social distancing will be strictly adhered to during this exercise,” Brig Maroa stated.

    He also highlighted the recruitment of new and much-needed professions into the force.

    “Alongside Medicine, Engineering, Journalism just to name but a few, we have included other professions for instance special needs have been considered this time round to cater for such needs from our personnel and their dependents,” he noted.

    Brigadier Maroa assured candidates of an open, free and fair recruitment exercise. He also encouraged those who were not successful not to lose hope.

    Commandant Brigadier Gati Maroa during a previous tree planting exercise.

    Commandant Brigadier Gati Maroa during a previous tree planting exercise.


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