Mother Reunited With Daughter Who Went Missing 17 Years Ago

  • A mother in Murang’a country was reunited with her daughter who had been missing for 17 years.

    Milkah Muthoni had run away from home in 2004 when she was 18 years old – just after completing her KCPE exams.

    In late March 2021, She made her way to Kagaa village in Kiharu constituency after her children persistently inquired about their grandparent’s whereabouts.

    She did not remember the home’s locations immediately but inquired from villagers who directed her to her mother.

    Milkah Muthoni (right) and her mother in Murang'a county.

    Milkah Muthoni (right) and her mother in Murang’a county.


    Muthoni stated that her sister run away when she introduced herself but her mother was receptive as she expressed gratitude for being reunited with her long-lost daughter.

    “I had not lost hope of seeing my daughter alive. I had not received any death report for all the years and I knew she was alive,” she stated.

    Muthoni narrated that after running away from home, she went to Nairobi where she got married to a man and had two children. They would later relocate to Narok but were forced to leave due to the post-election violence of 2007. 

    They returned to Nairobi but divorced due to irreconcilable differences, she left her two children behind.

    Muthoni would later remarry when she went to Nyeri and had two more children with her second husband.

    Unfortunately, her husband was jailed in Mombasa. She got evicted from her matrimonial property and had to start from scratch to fend for her children.

    She decided to head back home after her children asked about their grandmother.

    The homestead held celebrations in honour of her return. She, however, learned that her father and brother had died while she was away.

    Milkah Muthoni with her mother in Murang'a

    Milkah Muthoni with her mother in Murang’a


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