COVID-19: World cases exceed 131 million as cases surge all over

The number of COVID-19 cases has remained in an upwards surge as infections worldwide crossed 131 million.

According to collaborative data from Wikipedia, New York Times, and other authoritative sources, weekly average cases have started surging upwards. The week ending on March 27, for example, saw an average of 535,700 cases, the highest number since February.

Recoveries, meanwhile, have crossed 74 million, which puts the worldwide recovery rate at 56.4 %. Deaths have also been steadily creeping upwards, with the fatalities now at 2.84 million.

United States, Brazil lead

The United States continues to hold the worst-hit country lead the world over, reporting over 30.7 million cases, with deaths crossing 554,000. The country has witnessed a stark drop in cases since the turn of the year.

Brazil, currently ravaged by a deadlier strain, has passed India as the second hardest-hit country, reporting over 12.9 million cases.

The news strain has seen Brazil report its worst wave since the Pandemic broke out last year, with daily infections at one point almost hitting 90,000.

World Coronavirus Dispatch: Variants threaten to drag the pandemic#Coronavirus #pandemic

— Business Standard (@bsindia) April 4, 2021

India sees surge

The third is India, which has also seen a sharp surge in daily infections. While infections have not gotten as bad as they did in the first wave, they have been rising sharply. The rise in cases has seen the country halt exporting its COVID vaccine to outside countries.

India reported 92,947 new coronavirus cases on April 3 — the highest single day increase for any country in the world

It also reported 514 new deaths from the virus

— omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi) April 3, 2021

France comes in fourth place with over 4.74 million cases, while Russia has 4.52 million. The United Kingdom comes in sixth with over 4.36 million cases, though daily infections have dropped significantly. From an average of 50,000 cases daily in January, the Isles are now reporting around 5,600 cases on average.

Lockdown in Italy

Italy follows the UK, reporting over 3.65 million cases. The recent surge in daily cases has seen the country go into a strict lockdown.

All regions in the country are red zones, with non-essential movement banned. However, churches have remained open, though worshippers will attend churches in their areas.

Gatherings are also not allowed, though small intimate gatherings of less than three people are allowed.

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